Amany Mansour-Awad, R.Ph., MBA

Amany Mansour-Awad, R.Ph., MBA has over 20 years working in the pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, hospital/clinical pharmacies, and specialty pharmacies. As such, Amany has extensive design, operational, and quality assurance experience in various pharmacy practice settings including, large scale pharmaceutical manufacturing, clinical pharmacy in the acute care setting, as well as compounding and specialty pharmacy.

Early in her career, Amany’s entrée into the pharmaceutical world was as an international GMP consultant working for over 3 years in Tokyo, Japan specializing in pharmaceutical engineering. After she returned to the US, she practiced as a Business Development Manager and Pharmaceuticals Strategy Consultant to midsize pharmaceutical engineering/validation firms.

After successfully building and monetizing her consulting and corresponding pharmaceutical validation software technologies (for which Amany was granted a US patent), Amany turned focused her professional interests to the clinical pharmacy settings working at the region’s leading healthcare institutions including Jefferson Neuroscience Hospital and the Health System and The University Of Pennsylvania. It is with these experiences that Amany rediscovered the substantial benefits of compounded specialty drugs as part of a comprehensive healthcare management plan.

Amany combined her new found interest in compounding with her honed business acumen to open Chemistry Rx in 2013. Amany wanted to develop a unique compounding pharmacy that works intimately with patients’ doctors to develop customized/specialized compounds as part of the patients’ overall healthcare management plan(s). Since the opening of Chemistry Rx, Amany has developed novel customized compounds and novel therapies that have significantly helped hundreds of patients across the region. Amany continues to strive to add more innovative medical therapies to ease the burden on her patients.

Amany is a proud graduate of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Sciences (now the University of Sciences, Philadelphia) with a BS in Pharmacy and received an MBA with distinction from the Fox School of Business, Temple University.

Lars Brichta, PharmD, PhD, Vice President, Clinical and Scientific Affairs Director, Business Development

Lars graduated from pharmacy school at the Martin Luther University in Halle, Germany and received his PhD in Neurogenetics from the Universities of Bonn and Cologne. Before moving to the United States, he worked in hospital and retail pharmacies in Germany. He also gained experience in the Research and Development department of Novartis Pharma AG in Basel, Switzerland, where he studied the impact of pharmaceutical excipients on the pharmacokinetic behavior of antihypertensive drugs.

Lars is an expert in the field of neurologic and neurodegenerative disorders. After training at the National Institutes of Health, he studied the degeneration of motor neurons in spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a genetic disease that mainly affects children, and discovered the therapeutic potential of histone eacetylase inhibitors. From 2006 until 2015, he has been carrying out research focusing on the molecular underpinnings of dopaminergic neuron degeneration in Parkinson’s disease at the Rockefeller University and Columbia University in New York. He is currently continuing his research in neurogenetics as well as being involved in novel formulations and research in dermatology.

At Chemistry Rx, Lars provides consultations on novel and specialty medications to practitioners and patients, supports practitioners in obtaining prior authorizations, and is responsible for the marketing of the innovative compounds our pharmacy has to offer.

Robert DeSantis, PharmD, RPh Director of Operations

Robert DeSantis graduated with honors from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Studies and a Doctorate in Pharmacy. He oversees all the compounding and workflow at Chemistry Rx and precepts pharmacy interns. He has also worked on safety and policy and procedure initiatives for the pharmacy.

Vivi Jung, PharmD, RPh, Pharmacist in Charge, Director of Marketing

Vivi Jung graduated with honors from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Studies and a Doctorate in Pharmacy. As the current Pharmacist-in-Charge she handles all licensing and accreditation for the pharmacy to maintain the highest standards for compounding. She is in charge of all social marketing and general marketing of the pharmacy. She is also works with other healthcare professionals in providing assistance and clinical information for prior authorizations to insurance companies. She also precepts pharmacy students and interns.


Krupesh Patel graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology in the Spring of 2015. He has been compounding as lead technician and has been leading employee safety initiatives since 2015. He also is in charge of IT and any technical issues that arise in the pharmacy.

Our professional pharmacy staff is highly trained and receives continuous education in order to provide you with the highest quality of care.

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