There are many causes of sinusitis, including nasal polyps that block the nasal passages, allergic reactions, and viral, bacterial and fungal infections. At Chemistry Rx, we compound medications that are delivered directly to the sinuses via an innovative administration method called nasal nebulization. Patients that suffer from sinusitis will receive capsules filled with a fine powder. The contents of the capsule are dissolved in saline. Using a nebulizer that can be obtained together with the capsules, the saline with the drug is then dispersed into fine droplets that are able to reach the sinuses through inhalation.

We offer physicians support in preparing the documents for prior authorization, if required by the insurance.

Ear infections

ENTEar infections can be very painful and are often due to infections with bacteria or fungi. We compound innovative ear drops with various different antibiotics and antifungals at any desired concentration. We also prepare capsules for insufflation which allow for the administration of antibiotics and other drugs in powder form. Insufflation of powders eliminates the administration of additional moisture to the ear, providing an efficient strategy to treat ear infections with drainage.



Pediatric Derm

Emergency seizure medication is crucial to patients suffering from epilepsy and other seizure disorders. Chemistry Rx offers intranasal seizure medication to patients as a safe and effective alternative to treating emergency seizures quickly. The current commercial method is via the rectal route, which can be difficult to administer during the seizure episode and uncomfortable for patients, caregivers and guardians.

Chemistry Rx also has an instructional video on how the medication is stored and administered for new patients. A pharmacist will also reach out before the medication is dispensed, to counsel patients and caregivers on how the medication should be used.

We are always available to assist physicians in getting approval from insurances that initially deny coverage. We also will offer a cash price in the event that the medication is not covered.