New Prescription:

Please email, fax, or drop off your new prescription.  Your physician can also call or fax us a new prescription. Please keep in mind that any prescription containing a Scheduled Class II medication (i.e. oxycodone, morphine) requires a fraud-proof written prescription.

Refill Prescription:

Please call us at 855-790-0100 to refill your prescription. 

Out of Refills:

We would be happy to contact your physician to request additional refills. Keep in mind this can take time, as most physicians are unable to respond to these requests the same day. Please contact us a few days earlier than normal to ensure your physician has time to get back to us.

Please note- it requires approximately 24-48 hours to compound your prescription medication.

We provide shipping free of charge. If you are away from home, we would be happy to ship your prescription to any location in the United States. We will contact you once we process your prescription to coordinate shipping.