Compounding specialized medications to meet specific patient needs.
We optimize pain management by working with practitioners to customize therapies.
We offer high quality, pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements to improve your health.
We meet the medication needs of your family by compounding customized medications.

"Personalizing Medicine One Compound at a Time"

Chemistry Rx is Philadelphia’s leading compound and specialty pharmacy. Our mission is to provide exceptional service to our patients and providers.

The unique aspect about our services is our clinically-centered approach. As the pharmacist of an interdisciplinary team, we assess the patient's primary problem and recommend novel treatment options where compound therapies could play a significant role. Through extensive networking and research, we provide evidence based recommendations for complex cases where minimal drug therapies currently exist. We have experience managing patients requiring compound therapies for various diseases and conditions, acute and chronic, and in both adult and pediatric populations. Based on our experience, we found our interdisciplinary approach to be very effective in achieving positive patient outcomes.

Overall we provide exceptional clinical services and ensure patient satisfaction. We are always ready to tackle the most challenging patient problems. We look forward to making you a part of the Chemistry Rx family where we are "personalizing medicine, one compound at a time".

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